Our knowledge, your benefit!

When a letter or mailing sparks interest, because of its design and creativity, when addressed to you personally, stating you name and your details, while offering something unique and personal, the impact is huge! Much greater than all other forms of communication that you currently have at your disposal. Attracting attention from your customers and prospects requires a personalised approach and that is what we are here to help you with!


Many years of experience in the area of technical design and production make i-press the most suitable partner for direct marketing campaigns and card mailings.

We will assist you with simple discount coupons for bringing in new customers, to complex programmes to create customer loyalty. As far as i-press is concerned: the more complex the process, the more excited we get.


In addition, we will ensure considerable cost savings for you by creating alternative production concepts. By means of our creative and conspicuous mailing products, we make sure that you get the response you aim for!

We keep your business going!